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1000 watt Titanium heater, controller, and probe


Product Description

This high quality titanium water heater will help keep your pond and koi at comfy temperatures during changing seasons. Read your temperatures easily with the the controller's digital reading and set your ideal temperature from there. The heater element has a cage around it to protect the pond liner or the tank itself from damage.

Product info:

  • Heater: High quality titanium, excellent corrosion resistance, double heating tube, heating indication light and heater fully submersible, unbreakable grounded cable. With probe you have better temp reading and also on the controller you have digital reading.
  • Gallons: 600 maximum for achieving warmer temps. Great for quarantine systems or tanks.
  • Temps: with controller low is 65–90 °F
  • Watts: 1000
  • Cord length for heater is 10 ft
  • Cord length for controller is 8 ft
  • Rod length is 14 in

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