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What is Kodama Koi Academy?

Kodama Koi Academy is an online Seminar hosted by the founder of Kodama Koi Farm, Mamoru Kodama and his son Taro Kodama who currently runs the company. They are live and recorded educational seminars for viewing later to mimic the previous in-person events.

The purpose of this event is for the students to learn more about koi and to strengthen their koi appreciation, while also learning how to be a better koi buyer so they can enjoy koi just as much has we do here at the farm.

Why Create Kodama Koi Academy Digital Content?

Goal for students: Learn more about koi appreciation, how to be a better Koi buyer and be able to share this information with other koi hobbyist while also learning how to take better care of their own koi.

Goal for Kodama Koi Farm: To use the knowledge gained over the past 50 years to educate Koi hobbyist and dealers on how to become better Koi buyers and how to take better care of their koi. But also to spread the joy of Koi keeping through education and help grow the koi keeping community.

We highly recommend you view the very important information shared in the Koi Diseases Seminar!

Koi Academy – Koi Disease Seminar


Taro Kodama will explain how to keep healthy koi and mitigate disease in this webinar from our Koi Academy video series.

In this educational seminar, we will cover:

1. Understanding the 3 main causes of koi sickness
2. Types of pathogens (disease causing microorganism)
3. How to treat sick koi and save others
4. Checkpoints of koi behavior and pond management
5. How to prevent koi diseases

Purchasing this product will give you the full video of Koi Disease Seminar in the Kodama Koi Academy on this page.

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