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The idea behind Bio-Clean can be seen at any koi pond or koi farm in Japan. This simple biological filtration concept has proven to make healthy water for our koi. Low maintenance and for extensive use filters, BioClean returns koi pond filtration to the basics. Its simple gravity-flow design eliminates all moving parts from the filter, eliminating all common points of failure, such as those found in pressurized filters. This means that the filter will last for the lifetime of your pond. Easy maintenance and peace of mind will allow you to simply enjoy your koi.

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Our pond experts will guide you from filters , pumps and all you need for your ponds to make your Koi healthy and get your desired breed size achieved. Check our high-quality standard pond filters and our pond expert will guide you in your filter and pumps setup.

This pond filter has been tested over the years, thanks to Mr. Kodama who continuously studying Koi and Ponds. He has high standards for pond filters and is always being developed and now with more help from Kodama’s next generations KOI and pond experts and testimonials from all known koi champion breeders who has been using Kodamas koi and pond supplies.

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Our highly recommended Bio Clean Pond Filter is one of our best products in the market. Low maintenance and highly recommended in Japan. This simple biological filtration concept has proven to make healthy water for our koi and breed champion koi’s.