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Buy koi pond supplies and koi food online to create the most beautiful, vibrant, and happy fish for your pond. We pride ourselves on the selections of products in this website and created many ourselves! The pond products we've chosen have been used to raise our over 185+ koi champions and 50+ years of research. We look forward to helping you choose the best pond supplies for your environment and specialize in products for high quality koi fish.

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One Of Our Most Recommended Koi Pond Supplies

Enjoy Your Koi Pond And Forget About Filter Maintenance with BioClean

I have spent over 30 years creating this filter system specifically for koi ponds. My “Bio clean” system isn't structured for the collection of wastes so you don’t have to clean the system regularly, and it won’t make water bad when you start using it again in spring.

BioClean returns Koi pond filtration to the basics with a simple gravity-flow design that eliminates all moving parts from the filter, therefore eliminating all common points of failure, such as those found in pressurized filters. This means that the filter will last for the lifetime of your pond, easier maintenance, and peace of mind for you: allowing you to simply enjoy your koi.


Learn more - BioClean Pond Filter System and BioClean Mini

Learn More About Koi Appreciation From Mamoru Kodama

The art of koi appreciation has continued to grow in the United States and dates back centuries to the Niigata region of Japan. Our family has been raising Japanese Koi for over 50 years and want to share the knowledge we have acquired to increase your enjoyment of the hobby.

Many of our recommended pond supplies for koi keeping have been used on Kodama Koi Farm for years to raise champion grade koi. Learn more about the complexities and details of this fine art by reading Koi books by Mamoru Kodama.