Buy koi pond supplies and koi food online to create the most beautiful, vibrant, and happy fish for your pond. We pride ourselves on the selections of products in this website and created many ourselves! The pond products we’ve chosen have been used to raise our over 185+ koi champions and 50+ years of research. We look forward to helping you choose the best pond supplies for your environment and specialize in products for high quality koi fish.

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Based on many years of research, we recommend you to buy his two main koi foods: “All Season”, which helps Koi grow big, beautiful, and healthy, and “Color Up”, which helps Koi grow more beautifully and vividly colored.  

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Set up your koi pond, Koi Breeding, or Koi hobby with the guidance of an expert, KODAMA KOI Farm is the most trusted and extremely recommended Koi Supplies Store worldwide. We have been in the business for decades and support recognized Koi Pond enthusiasts and koi champions!

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We are the largest importers of Japanese Koi into the USA and our family has dedicated their lives to increasing the quality, as well as the availability of knowledge for hobbyists. As part of this effort, we have consolidated our favorite and most recommended products for the koi hobbyist to buy online.

Our online pond store has continued to grow with more items as we find more recommendations for our customers. We hope you will take a moment to review our high quality pond supply products to consider how they may improve your skills, knowledge, and success while maintaining any pond.

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Koi Supplies + Educational Koi Books are a Perfect Gift!

The art of koi appreciation has continued to grow in the United States and dates back centuries to the Niigata region of Japan. Our family has been raising Japanese Koi for over 50 years and want to share the knowledge we have acquired to increase your enjoyment of the hobby.

Many of our recommended pond supplies for koi keeping have been used on Kodama Koi Farm for years to raise champion grade koi. Learn more about the complexities and details of this fine art by reading Koi books by Mamoru Kodama.

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About Our Online Pond Supplies Store & Trusted Pond Shop

From the start of setting up your water garden or koi pond to breeding your champion Koi, we believe Kodama Koi Supply is the best pond supply store for you to be successful in the hobby. Our team promotes the products we use at the farm and our koi pond store is here not only to provide you with quality pond products, but also to make you a champion koi breeder yourself. We are now celebrating over 5 decades in business for koi pond support and aim to be the no. 1 best pond products store online. The Kodama family is dedicated to providing top-quality products and services for hobbyists and professionals.

Contact our Pond Supplies Store – From developing your pond to raising your koi, we are here to guide and help you with your pond supplies and needs. Mr. Kodama has devoted himself to researching and establishing his unique koi breeding techniques and products that benefit Koi or Pond lovers to save time and money and still get the best results. If you want premium pond products, Kodama Koi’s pond supply store will help you find it!