Quarantine Accessory Kit


With a quarantine tank (or Quarantine Tank Kit), you can safely de-stress new koi and protect your current koi.

But just in case your new koi arrive stressed or if your current koi get sick, what are good treatment options? And where can you get them?

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This Quarantine Accessory Kit is your ticket because it contains excellent koi and water treatments and meters and is cheaper than if you buy them individually. It includes a:

  • Fresh Water Master Test Kit to monitor your pond’s pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels
  • Salt meter to ensure safe levels of pond salinity
  • ClorAm-X water conditioner 1 gal. to remove chlorine and ammonia
  • Prazi 50 gram to treat koi for parasitic worms
  • Ich-X 16oz to treat for “ich” diseases

Add this great kit to start your koi medicine cabinet.

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