Koi Health Supplements

We love our Koi and we want them to be as happy and healthy as possible. Koi supplements do just that and more.

We love to give them the environment they thrive in just as they would in Niigata. You can achieve this and have koi just like they do in their mud ponds by adding products such as Koi Nendo to add the color enhancing minerals they would have there.

Supplements not only will make your koi more beautiful they can help your medication work better. Using products such as Billion Pro supplement in your koi food can help keep your koi healthy.

Contact us with questions so we can help guide you to the right products for your pond.

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Why Do I Need Dietary Supplements for Koi?

Koi Fish dropping’, natural food, algae , plants , insects, worms, seeds, anything they can at the bottom of the pond, or even in the wild fish will eat. Breeders do add some highly suggested medicated food that helps their koi achieve high growth rate, boosted immune system, better digestion and better coloration.

We recommend Koi Nendo to imitate the pond water in Niigata, Japan. It is VERY popular.

Koi Nendo



KoiNendo adds clay that artificial ponds lack. Like the mud ponds in Japan, KoiNendo brightens the colors of your koi and makes them shiny.


Add 2 oz. of KoiNendo powder to each 250 gallons every 2-3 days. Initially KoiNendo will cloud the water, but it will clear up. It is recommended to dilute KoiNendo with water and add the dissolved solution into your pond.