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Koi Quarantining is Not a Choice, It is Mandatory for a Healthy Pond.

Not only will we provide you what you need to build a full quarantine kit for koi, we are also here to help and guide you in quarantining your koi. Our experience, reputations and years of experience will help us ensure your koi are in good health. We created the koi quarantine tank kit and quarantine accessory kit products to make it simple for any koi lover and breeder to get up and running with a new quarantine setup quickly.

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Why does my koi fish need to be quarantined?

It is critical to quarantine any new Koi from other ponds because the newly purchased Koi may carry parasites, bacteria, fungi, or viruses. The extra hassle of quarantine will save your entire pond and worth the extra effort. Even if your pond is clean, it is better for the koi to get used to the water and not be dropped right into the pond without an introductory period. We highly recommend you purchase this koi quarantine kit if you are searching how to quarantine koi.

Quarantine Tank Kit


A quarantine kit is your first line of defense against dangerous bacteria, fungi, KHV, and other invaders.

Not only that, it also acclimatizes new koi to to a new pond environment and helps them de-stress from being transported.

Quarantining protects your current koi from potential dangerous bacteria, and viruses from your new koi.

It can also isolate sick or injured koi for medical treatment.

A sad reality is that some koi owners lost precious koi (sometimes all of them) because they did not quarantine their new koi.

So let’s change that.

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Everything you need to quarantine new Koi fish!

Our Koi Quarantine Tank Supplies are perfect to get your new koi ready for their new home. We sell everything from Quarantine Tank Kits to all the medical and health supplies you need to welcome your new koi.

How to quarantine new koi

Your Quarantine Tank is your first line of defense to protecting your pond and koi when introducing new koi. We recommend that you always Quarantine your koi when they arrive to ensure that every koi stays healthy. Read our koi quarantine guide to learn more!

How to set up a koi quarantine tank

You can keep your koi in a separate holding pond or if they are small enough you can keep your koi in a tank, to set up a quarantine tank you will need a tank or stock pond, you will need a filter for your quarantine tank, and aeration.

We recommend putting koi quarantine salt which is .3% non iodized salt in the pond before you introduce koi and to use a pond net to ensure stressed koi do not jump out of the pond and injure themselves.

When we have sick or injured koi we need to set up a medical quarantine to help them get better, this allows us to be able to keep a closer eye on the koi as well as making it easier to treat with medications.