Niigata Breeder Products

Represent the best Nishikigoi breeders from Japan.

Niigata is the cradle for high quality Nishikigoi. With over 200 breeders there alone, they all work hard to breed more and more beautiful KOI. Working with them for 40 years, we have established excellent relationships unlike any other Koi companies have. Our relationship with the Niigata breeders is one of our most valuable assets. Besides, our relationship is not just between buyer and supplier. We have become friends under the same mission: Introducing beautiful Japanese Nishikigoi to hobbyists all over the world. We will continue to work closely with these renowned breeders to introduce their beautiful artworks to Koi lovers in the US.

Custom products signed with 20+ Famous Niigata Koi Farm Breeders:

Niigata Koi Breeders Products