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Better Quality Koi Food Enhances The Beauty And Health Of Your Pond.

Koi are treasured living jewels that bring peace, tranquillity, and beauty to your home. By feeding with the best koi food available, you will improve their health and increase the vibrance of the colors in your pond.

Unlike other jewels, the beauty of a koi lives and breathes. They are growing beauties and food has a very strong influence on their health and appearance. Learn more about our long journey to craft the perfect koi food.


Researched And Developed With Niigata, Japan Breeders

Our family has worked extensively with the best Niigata, Japan breeders to create a food that maximizes the beauty of koi color and increases their longevity. We are proud to bring you our koi food recommendations from what we have used at our farms for years to raise over 185+ champion koi.

Kodama Koi Food is a proven formula developed by Mamoru Kodama for raising large and healthy koi.


Recommended Koi Food For Beauty, Fun, And Vitality

Mr. Kodama's 50 years of experience with koi has led him to make a food that he is finally satisfied with to feed his own koi and yours as well. Each ingredient in Kodama Koi Food Color Up and All Season-Wheat Germ is of the highest quality.


Choose Hi Silk 21 koi food to produce a beautiful champion-grade sheen in the colors of Japanese koi and a silky white shiroji. The growth rates of Nishikigoi have been noticeably faster than other high protein foods without causing the stomach of Nishikigoi to bulge and harm the body conformation. This is the same food used to grow many Kodama Champion Koi fish.

If you want koi to eat right out of your hand, then you should buy Manda Fu Koi Food.

Humans and koi can both agree that life is more fun when there is a Manda Fu pellet in the palm of your hand. We've also heard Manda Fu referred to as "koi crack!" Enjoy more time petting your koi year around with the high digestion rate of 98.2% in Manda Fu. This is the most suitable Koi food for autumn, winter, and spring. You can even feed when the water temperature drops as low as 45–50°F.

Boost your koi's immune system with the power of Hi Silk Sweet Potato Koi Food!

This delicious feed was designed to prevent infections of pathogenic microorganisms and immune system function. It’s composed of sweet potato rich with thermostable vitamins and additional vitamins that help with digestion, lower stress, and less chance of fatal infections.




Why You Should "Invest" In High-Grade Koi Food

It is important that you invest in high-grade koi food because these products contain essential nutrients and vitamins required to keep koi healthy. They also encourage the koi to grow bigger with more vibrant colors from the steady source of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals.

High-grade food tends to be more palatable; so koi get more enthusiastic during feeding time.

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