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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Koi Lovers

Find the perfect gift for your Koi lover or treat your koi to something special! This blog post will give you ideas for the best fish pond gifts for koi keepers and other pond lovers. Make your koi keeper happy this year, even if it is you!

Here are some Ideas from our Kodama staff to help find the perfect koi present.

1. Koi Keychains and Magnets

Decorate your fridge or keys with your favorite Koi! All of us have a favorite Koi variety we love to show off. You can get the set with your favorite or you can try to collect all of the varieties just like we do in our ponds.

Each set comes in a set of 3, you can get magnets or the keychains. $15.00

Varieties in set 1 are Shiro Utsuri, Ogon, Tancho Kohaku

Varieties in the set 2 are Showa, Kohaku and Sanke

Koi Replica Key Chain (Shiro Utsuri, Ogon, Tancho)

  • Add a cute koi to your keys, backpack, or purse. Included in this set are a: Shiro UtsuriOgon, and Tancho Kohaku. These are:
    • Approximately 2.5 inches long
    • Hand made
    • Hand colored
    • Good for gift and decoration
    • Actual color and pattern might be different from picture
    • 3pcs per box

    pattern might be different from picture

  • 3pcs per box

In stock

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2. Kokugyo Books

Our Founder Mamoru started this company with his thirst for knowledge and want to educate people about how amazing Koi are. He then went on to teach about koi at different universities and continues to teach and share knowledge with any one who wants to learn to this day.

Give the gift of Mamorus Kokugyo books to help your Koi Hobbyist expand their knowledge on different varieties, care and how champion Koi are made and chosen.

  • Volume 1 $100.00
  • Volume 2 $100.00
  • Volume 3 $350.00

“Kokugyo 1” by Mamoru Kodama


Kokugyo 1 is recommended for all those eager to learn how to appreciate the true beauty of Koi.

This book and the accompanying media provide a detailed explanation of how to evaluate all the characteristics of each variety of Nishikigoi.

In stock

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3. Koi Flag and Banners

Decorate your champion room with Koi flags and Banners, The banners give the area you keep your prizes and breeder certificates a classic Japanese look with these Koi Flags hanging on the wall, They are eye catching and a great conversation starter for our koi enthusiast.

Koi 3 Flag Set


Gosanke (Sanke, Kohaku, Showa)

45cm W × 148cm L (17.7″ W x 58.2″ L)

Out of stock

SKU: 2BZ-KOIFLAG Category:

4. Japanese Hand Towels

We all have hand towels in our house, step it up a notch and decorate with these elaborate Japanese hand towels that are fashioned into a book with artwork that shows the culture in Japan including beautiful Koi. This would make a perfect addition to any gift basket to add some art and color while also being very functional.

Japanese hand towel book


A Japanese hand towel is easy to find in many households in Japan.

People use it for all kinds of things: decoration, drying hands, wiping things, wrapping gifts, wearing as a bandana, collecting, etc.

This one comes sewn in a “book” form which shows different Japanese icons (including koi).

You can snip the spine’s threads to permanently unfold it to its full size.

SKU: 2BZ-TWLBOOK Category:

5. Cedar Table Lamp

Made by a Japanese craftsman from aromatic Akita cedar, this table lamp has delicate openwork design that follows the wood’s natural grain to show intricate koi designs; and the acrylic panels softens the light with Japanese kanji saying, “Swimming jewel koi”.

Decorate in the style of traditional Japanese homes as well as making your house smell good. These lamps would brighten anyone’s day and put them in a calming state just like we believe Koi do. Beauty and Tranquility for the person you care about.

Akita Cedar Table Lamp


Here’s why premium Akita cedar is so well-known:

  • It is a famous light-yellow timber unique to the northern mountainsides of Akita prefecture in Japan.
  • The cold climate there with seasonal snows causes Akita cedars to grow slowly which results in beautiful, dense wood grain.
  • It has a spicy, pleasant fragrance and is used in traditional Japanese building materials and crafts and canoes because of its beauty and flexibility.

Made by a Japanese craftsman from aromatic Akita cedar, this table lamp has delicate openwork design that follows the wood’s natural grain to show intricate koi designs.

Turn it on to shine a warm glow in your home and share your love of Japanese koi.

In stock

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6. Koi Masks

Wearing masks is now just part of everyday life. Show off your love for koi with the Kodama Koi Face Mask. Finally a Koi Face Mask to help keep you and your loved ones safe through this pandemic.

Kodama Koi Face Mask


Show off your love of koi with the Kodama Koi Face Mask! Several color designs to choose and comes with FREE shipping!

These face masks are made from special fabric that is:

  • Washable for over 50 times
  • Stretchable and comfortable
  • Contains antibacterial and deodorant properties from silver ions
  • Breathable and wicks away moisture to fight odor and keep you cool
  • Certified as “SEK” from the Japan’s Association of Fabric
  • Comes in size Medium. Made from polyester (92%) and spandex (8%).
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7. Koi Calendar

  • Add more koi zen to your year with a special Kodama Koi Farm calendar featuring our gorgeous koi each month.
  • Each month is paired with a new beautiful photo of a unique Kodama koi
  • 12 full months with holidays noted
  • Dimensions are 11″ width x 8.5″ height. When the calendar is opened, the height becomes 17″

Kodama Koi Farm Calendar 2022


Add more koi zen to your year with this special Kodama Koi Farm calendar featuring our gorgeous high quality koi each month.

Out of stock

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8. Koi Academy Videos

Learn from our experts first hand, the Kodama Koi Academy videos as well as some of our subject seminars (Koi Disease and Health, Water Quality) are a perfect addition to any books you would get a new Koi hobbyist looking to learn everything there is to know about Koi. Go into details about everything from how koi varieties were developed to how to keep the water in your pond healthy.

Koi Academy – Water Quality Seminar


Taro Kodama will explain how to keep healthy koi and mitigate disease in this webinar from our Koi Academy video series.

In this educational seminar, we will cover:

1. Understanding the 3 main causes of koi sickness
2. Types of pathogens (disease causing microorganism)
3. How to treat sick koi and save others
4. Checkpoints of koi behavior and pond management
5. How to prevent koi diseases

Purchasing this product will give you the full video of Koi Disease Seminar in the Kodama Koi Academy on this page.

In stock

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9. T-Shirts




10. Koi Fish

If you ask any koi lover what they want they will tell you another Koi! We can help you make that happen, We know that sometimes we can all be particular on what kind of Koi we want, ask our staff at Kodama how you can set up a Koi gift credit to apply towards any living jewel that they fall in love with.

What are Your Favorite Koi Fish Gift Ideas?

We would love to hear your perfect gift Ideas for koi, click this link to view all of our high quality koi fish supply products at Kodama Koi Supply and Kodama Koi Farm websites. Please also leave a comment with your favorite from these top gift ideas for koi lovers.

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