Mr. Kodama Koi Food – All Season

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Wheat germ koi food that helps grow koi big, beautiful, and healthy all year around.

All Season/Wheat Germ is formulated for maximum koi growth and health, and its digestibility will allow you to feed your koi all year round. The recipe for All Season was developed by Mamoru Kodama, Grand Champion & founder of Kodama Koi Farm as the same food we feed on the farm.

Mr. Kodama Koi Food is available in the convenient 11lb bag size with (M) and (L) pellet size and (M) Sinking option. Contact us for larger orders and wholesale purchases.


For over 50 years, Mamoru Kodama has been raising Koi in Japan (the home of Nishikigoi). Here he has produced many Koi champions at Koi shows, uses only the freshest, high-quality ingredients in his Koi food “Mr. Kodama” based on many years of research.

Recommended Pellet Size for your Koi

Pellet Size

Koi Size

Medium 5.5-6.5mm 8 inches (20cm) or over
Large 7.5-8.5mm 12 inches (about 30cm) or over


Crude Protein (min.) 38%, Crude Fat (min.) 3%, Crude Fiber (max.) 3%, Moisture (max.) 10%, Ash (max.) 11%


The naturally occurring Vitamin E contained in raw wheat germ is also used in health foods as germ oil. This Vitamin E enhances the immunity of the Koi and activates metabolism to improve luster and brighten the white skin.
The “raw wheat germ” used by Mr. Kodama contains about 35 times more natural Vitamin E than the commonly used “defatted wheat germ”.


Raw materials for fishmeal such as sardines and saury, gain a higher palatability, digestibility and safety, the fresher they are. The longer it takes to process these fish, the more likely they will oxidize and spoil, resulting in a higher histamine content, which in turn causes numerous health problems. Mr. Kodama’s food has only 1/10th the histamine content of commonly used prime grade fishmeal.

Additional information

Weight 4.6 kg
Pellet Type

Large Floating, Medium Floating, Medium Sinking

21 reviews for Mr. Kodama Koi Food – All Season

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I would recommend to everyone to use this food.
    The water is not clouded.
    The pellets stay intact for a long time that give time for kois to consume them.
    Kois grow big and have good skin color.

  2. Gary (verified owner)

    The product is well package and they send it out fast.
    Great koi food

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have been feeding my koi fish with Kodama Koi all season for about 2 years now. My Koi are eagerly eating the food and produces much less waste comparing to the low-quality koi food from Wardley before. One thing I am a little disappointed about the food packaging in this order comparing to the previous ones.
    In my previous orders, Kodama would package the 5 lb All-season into 8 individual small vacuum-sealed bags. They advertised this special packaging for maintaining its freshness. For the order this time, it is just one 5 lb big bag. Not sure if Komada might have changed their packaging method recently but I wish they would not abandon their special packaging as I admire how they pay attention to their koi food detail even down to the packaging.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Website stated that product is guaranteed to last for 3 years but the products I received had only a 2 year expiration date and company refused to do anything about this. I had bought this product in bulk because of the special being offered. This koi food will likely go bad before it can be consumed in the time period.

  5. Suntan (verified owner)

    Customer for more than 12 years, both kois and food. Koi actually like this food so I ordered two medium sinking 18lb bags on the founder’s birthday. It was a buy two get one free deal. 1st, Jess only sent two instead of three. 2nd, I got floating pellets just now. There’s a reason I ordered a sinking pellet, shouldn’t substitute without asking. Emailed Jess 2x and reluctantly agreed to send the “free” bag. No matter how much my koi like this food, the aggravation I’m getting from a simple transaction is not worth it.

  6. Stefan Klima (verified owner)

    Just got it and fed my koi. They love it! Thank you for another great product from Kodama 🙂

  7. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I have been using this product from the first day I acquired my little baby Koi fish and they love it! They are big healthy and their color is beautiful.

  8. cynthia (verified owner)

    Our koi thrive on this excellent food! And their colors are brilliant. It even smells fresh and real compared to pet store stuff. Worth the price.

  9. Gary A Gebhard (verified owner)

    When I give them the all season, they gobble it up.
    I also use the color up but mix it with all season and the koi like it better that way.

  10. Daniel Sears (verified owner)

    Kinda expensive but to be expected I guess.. Fish eat it so that a big plus.. Just started using so need more time to give it a honest review..

  11. Bob (verified owner)

    I have tried a number of other brands and my koi seem to like Kodama the best.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    my fish seem to love it so it must taste good!

  13. Christa R Suggs (verified owner)

    Subdividing the fish food into smaller quantities is a really great idea for keeping the food fresh. I’ve just gotten it and have started using it. My fish really like it and I’ll see how well they do on it in a month or so.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love the individual small packages. I have 40 fairly large koi and I mix several types of koi food together to make sure everyone’s nutritional needs are taken care. Since the baby of the lot – a goshiki I purchased from Kodama came with a sample, and a note that she’d been eating this stuff all her life, I reasoned as part of her orientation to my home she should have what she normally ate. She and her quarantine buddies gobble the stuff up, and the ones in the main pond don’t ever leave a single piece of food uneaten – so they must like this too.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our wild population of koi and goldfish in our clay bottom pond lurk just below the surface of the water in wait for the food. They eat avidly, like piranhas!

  16. Mark Brandenburg (verified owner)

    Until recently I’ve been using Hikari products. The koi like the floating staple pellets well enough. Recently, I switched to Kodama, mainly because I like to feed my koi a varied diet. It could be my imagination, but I think the fish feed on the Kodama Pellets more aggressively. Hard to say for sure, as temperature and fish appetite play a significant role. I will say that I like the look of the Kodama Pellets better than the Hikari. They seem fuller and less artificial somehow.

  17. Don (verified owner)

    As soon as the koi food hits the surface of the water my koi literally climb over each other to get to the food which is a delight to those who witness it.

  18. Chris Clark (verified owner)

    My koi love this stuff. High quality food for high quality koi.

  19. Chris (verified owner)

    My koi scarf this food up. Very high quality.

  20. Mary Bartlett (verified owner)

    We are all a little busier and healthier thanks to Kodama Koi Food Wheat this winter, It’s nice to have more active fish even in cold weather.

  21. Allison (verified owner)

    High quality ingredients and the fish seem to enjoy it. I feel confident feeding this diet when the water temps start to drop.

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