Quarantine Tank Kit


A quarantine kit is your first line of defense against dangerous bacteria, fungi, KHV, and other invaders.

Not only that, it also acclimatizes new koi to to a new pond environment and helps them de-stress from being transported.

Quarantining protects your current koi from potential dangerous bacteria, and viruses from your new koi.

It can also isolate sick or injured koi for medical treatment.

A sad reality is that some koi owners lost precious koi (sometimes all of them) because they did not quarantine their new koi.

So let’s change that.

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Use a Quarantine Tank Kit to protect your koi and the time and energy you’ve invested in them. Not only will it protect your current koi and new ones to come, but it will give you options for treating and isolating any sick koi in the future. Your koi will thank you.

There are three packages of the Quarantine Tank Kit—PremiumPlus, and Basic—containing great quarantine products, and these are bundled to give you extra savings than if you bought them separately.

Quarantine instructions for newly arrived koi:
Once you receive a new koi, please release it into the quarantine tank. Then:

  1. Add 3 lb salt/100 gal water to your quarantine tank (0.3% salinity)
  2. Observe the new koi carefully to assure it does not develop disease for 14–21 days
  3. If your quarantine tank has a filter, please feed the koi lightly. Manda Fu is ideal.
  4. If your quarantine tank has no filter, you may still feed them lightly, but do a partial water change every 2–3 days (about 25%). Add salt to maintain 0.3% salinity.
  5. After 3–5 days, if the koi looks well, you may use Koi Prazi and Ich-X to deal with any potential parasites
  6. Throughout the quarantine, check the pH, ammonia, and nitrite levels regularly
  7. Maintain a water temperature of 65–78 F, ideally 70+ F.

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