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Now introducing Bacto Power to our product range. BACTO POWER is a revolutionary water conditioner with a unique blend of facultative anaerobic bacteria, proteolytic enzyme and more than 10 different kinds of aerobic bacteria.

BACTO POWER provides your Koi with ideal environment by 

  • Helping in the decomposition of organic matter
  • Stabilizing pH
  • Preventing pollution (Nitrate reduction)
  • Promoting the formation of an effective ecosystem 

BACTO POWER is cultured and dried to pure at the pharmaceutical level with advanced Japanese microorganism technology. 

Improve the health of your pond water and keep pH stable with Bacto Power.

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Bacto Power includes facultative anaerobic bacteria which reduce nitrate to nitrite and change nitrite to nitrogen gas. The activity rate of Bacto Power goes up after 3-5 days from start of use, dependent on water quality and temperature. If the water quality is initially poor, then the activity rate will drop until the water improves. If this occurs we recommend that the same amount of Bacto Power is added after one or two weeks.

Our experiments show that both of ammonia and nitrite start to decrease a week after adding Bacto Power. Algae levels also decrease, which is better looking and better for koi.

There are over ten kinds of Aerobic bacterium in Bacto Power;

  • Heterotrophic bacteria: Decomposing organic matter into inorganic matter. They decompose protein, carbohydrate and fat into inorganic matter.
  • Autotrophic bacteria: Decomposing inorganic matter into smaller matter. They decompose ammonia into nitrous acid, nitrate, and nitrogen gas.

Bacterial work As the bacteria act they generate energy, as well as making vitamins and antibiotics (effective into mould) as by-products. Some of the bacteria within Bacto Power also produce an enzyme which forms structures to promote bacterial growth. In addition this is used by other living things, helping the formation of an effective ecosystem. Bacto Power includes anaerobic bacteria, (which can act on nitrogen removal without oxygen being present), facultative anaerobic bacteria (which can act on nitrogen removal with oxygen), aerobic bacteria, and another 10 kinds of bacteria. Each bacteria is compounded from 10,000 to 10,000,000 pcs /g.



  • Stabilization of optimal water parameters.
  • Brakdown of Ammonia,Nitrite and Nitrate
  • Less development of (hair)algae.
  • Optimal growth of the Koi
  • Improvement of the skin quality
  • Increase resistance, therefore needing less use of medications.

How to use:

  • For the first dose, shower 100g of BACTO POWER for every 2650 gallons of water directly on filter materials in water. Bacteria will usually get active within 3-5 days, depending on water temperature and water quality. To boost the activation, add the same dose in 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Adding aeration into filter for bacteria activation is highly recommended.
  • To maintain bacteria levels, add ½ dose of BACTO POWER into the filter once a month. 

Net  400 gram (Treats 10,600  to 212,000 gallons)


Distributed by Kodama Koi Farm


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