HiBlow Air Pump HP-200


These pumps are designed specifically for pressure applications and contain only an exhaust port.

Inlet air is pulled through an orifice which cannot be plumbed into a pneumatic system.

True linear diaphragm design that is oil-free, quiet, power efficient, and incredibly durable.

HIBLOW pumps provide industry-leading service life.

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Aeration for ponds up to 2 acres at 10′ or less in depth.

Helps keep water clean and clear.

Promotes healthy oxygen levels for fish to thrive and grow.

Circulates water – evenly distributing oxygen and water temperature.

Helps prevent koi dying in the winter.

Premium quality and longevity – manufactured with expert craftsmanship using the finest materials

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 27.6 × 20 × 22.2 cm


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