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Is my koi sick? Do I Need Koi Healthy Products?

If you are not sure, make sure you read our koi health and diseases blog to help find out how you can help your koi. This blog will help show you how to treat koi, how to calm koi, and how to cure koi disease. Changes in behavior, such as erratic swimming, koi swimming upside down, abnormal feeding patterns or isolating themselves from others can indicate that your koi fish is sick. Act fast, but do not jump to conclusions. Remember to quarantine immediately!

View these koi health products that are helpful in solving issues with your koi and help to have a better diet for a long term healthy life.

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Help My Koi Has a Disease!

Our team will help you figure out what is going on in your pond and what the best medications and treatments are.

We sell the best Koi medication and medicated koi food kits to help nurse your koi back to health if they have:
– Koi dropsy
– Koi ulcer
– Koi Parasites
– Koi Bacterial infections
– Koi Fin rot

What other food can I feed my Koi?

Koi are social fish that love to be a part of your family. We sell alternative food for koi such as koi treats! Koi thrive in the wild on eating bugs from the soil at the bottom of their ponds, help them feel at home with all natural food for koi for special occasions like silkworm pupae.