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High Quality Koi Food Packs Now Available with Mr. Kodama Koi Food 50/50!

Do you want your koi to look like a champion koi? If so, I recommend feeding them using the “mixing method.” This will help grow your koi big, beautiful, and healthy! To help you achieve your koi’s purpose there is now a 50/50 mix of Mr. Kodama Koi Food All Season and Color Up available for purchase as high quality Koi Food Packs.

You can now buy Mr. Kodama Koi Food – Large Pack & Mr. Kodama Koi Food – Small Pack 50/50.

For proper koi feeding, at the start of the season, after a long fasting winter, we must feed digestible food like Manda Fu. Once your pond hits 59F, we want to feed more all season type such as Mr. Kodama Koi Food All Season. Then when it gets to 65F, we want to be more aggressive in feeding.

We want to feed our koi more so they can grow bigger and fill out more beautifully. Feeding only one type of Koi food such as Mr. Kodama Koi Food All season is good because the food is designed for all year around.

But mixing different types of Koi food is what we usually recommend in order to maximize your Koi’s potential and to meet your koi goals. Our goal is to help you grow your Koi healthy and enhance the color at the same time, and by doing so we mixed Mr. Kodama Koi Food All Season and Mr. Kodama Koi Food Color Up by 50% each and have created the Mr. Kodama 50/50 Koi Food Package, that is sold as an easy way to buy each of these foods in one pack.

Better Quality Koi Food Enhances Beauty and Health of Your Pond. If you want your koi to look like Champion Koi, you should feed them food designed by Grand Champions.”

– Mr. Kodama

Mamoru Kodama has been raising Koi in Japan, the home of Nishikigoi, and produced many Koi champions. The reason for this is that Mr. Kodama only uses the freshest, high-quality ingredients for Mr. Kodama Koi Food.

He even helped with the development of the recipe for Hi-Silk 21 Koi Food with Mr. Kawaguchi who is a leading supplier of Hi-Silk and silkworm which are genuine high quality product formulated in japan.

New Mr. Kodama Koi Food Package Options

There are many choices to consider for what koi food is the right food for your koi. To help ease the choices we have created 2 new koi food packs from Kodama and Kawaguchi Shoten Co., Ltd to help grow your koi healthy and enhance the color at the same time.

We are now offering 2 new options:

Mr. Kodama Koi Food – Small Pack 50/50 is a perfect option for to those who may not have a big pond or many Koi, but still want to benefit from both koi foods, to help their Koi grow healthy and beautiful with a smaller amount per purchase of only 5.5lbs of each All Season and Color Up.

Mr. Kodama Koi Food – Large Pack, which includes one Mr. Kodama All Season 11lb, one Mr. Kodama Color Up 11lb, and you have the option to add Hi Silk 21 11lb to your koi food pack to help promote the growth and enhance color. The packs are great way to checkout faster and also order the preferred mix of koi food at a small discount.

All Season/Wheat Germ is formulated for maximum koi growth and health, and its digestibility will allow you to feed your koi all year round. The recipe for All Season was developed by Mamoru Kodama, Grand Champion & founder of Kodama Koi Farm as the same food we feed on the farm.

Color Up is designed to enhance the color and health of koi scales because it include high quality spirulina. Spirulina will also improve the immune system and flesh quality of your koi. Our Color Up Kodama Koi Food is a genuine, high quality product formulated in Japan. We pride ourselves on selecting only authentic Japanese breed koi and we treat our food with the same respect.


How do you choose the right koi food for your Koi?

If you love your pets, you want them to stay healthy, don’t you?  

For us to stay healthy, eating fresh and fine quality food is very important. It goes the same with your Koi and Koi food. The quality of ingredients determines the quality of Koi food, that influences the health of your important Koi.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell the quality of ingredients from packages. One piece of advice is that you should not choose the food based on price.

To Learn More About choosing the right koi food for your pond check out our blog post.

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  1. Can you send me the winter feeding schedule that shows water temps, etc?

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