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How to Choose Koi Food for Your Pond

When you go online or local pet stores, there are just too many choices of Koi food to choose from and you wonder what is the right one for your Koi.  Here are some helpful tips.

What types of Koi food do we feed?

We can roughly categorize all Koi fish food on the market into:

  • All season type: you can feed the food all year around above 50F and up
  • Color enhancing type: It enhances red color of Koi
  • Growth promoting type: It has higher protein, which promote the growth of Koi

So depending on your purpose, you can choose the type of Koi food. Please be careful color and growth food are usually for warm water only. There is a good chance you will use a combination throughout the year.

If you are not sure, I recommend you go with All season as the main diet and add color up food during summer. Mr. Kodama All Season Koi Food is the same food we feed our koi on the farm and developed by Koi Master and Kodama Koi Founder, Mamoru Kodama. Color Up is also a great option, due to it’s use of Spirulina, which has many benefits!

There are many choices to make and we have described the top considerations and our list of products from Kodama and other manufacturers that we really trust at the bottom. Ingredients are everything and you koi are what they eat!

Do I Choose Floating or Sinking Koi Food?

The most popular one is the floating type. Nothing is more fun than feeding your Koi. With floating food, you can see your Koi eating just in front of you. You can also check health condition of the Koi by observing the body.

Sinking food is preferred by more experienced hobbyists. Because Koi are bottom feeders, they eat more from the bottom. They grow bigger with sinking food. Because you can not see them eating well, however, It does require some skills and experiences to check their health condition daily.

So unless you must feed sinking food, choose the floating type. 

What size of pellets do we feed? Small, Medium or Large?

There are usually small, medium and large Koi fish food pellets.

The size varies among the brands, but the following are the average size:

  • Small pellet is 3mm
  • Medium pellets are 5.5-6.5mm and for Koi over 15cm or 6”
  • Large pellet is 7.5-8.5mm and for Koi over 14”

If you are not sure what size pellets you should feed your Koi, buy medium pellets. 

How do you choose the right koi food for your Koi?

If you love your pets, you want them to stay healthy, don’t you?  

For us to stay healthy, eating fresh and fine quality food is very important. It goes the same with your Koi and Koi food. The quality of ingredients determines the quality of Koi food, that influences the health of your important Koi.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell the quality of ingredients from packages. One piece of advice is that you should not choose the food based on price.

Quality ingredients are not cheap. Cheap food, most of the time,  means low quality ingredients and a lot of fillers.

At least I guarantee the quality of ingredients for the food in our store. They have been loved by the Japanese Koi hobbyists for decades. They deliver excellent results for the health and beauty of Japanese Koi.

Mr. Kodama Koi Food – All Season

Wheat germ koi food that helps grow koi big, beautiful, and healthy all year around.

All Season/Wheat Germ is formulated for maximum koi growth and health, and its digestibility will allow you to feed your koi all year round. The recipe for All Season was developed by Mamoru Kodama, Grand Champion & founder of Kodama Koi Farm as the same food we feed on the farm.

Mr. Kodama Koi Food is available in the convenient 11lb bag size with (M) and (L) pellet size and (M) Sinking option. Contact us for larger orders and wholesale purchases.

Mr. Kodama Koi Food – Color Up

Grow Koi with vivid and beautiful colors

Color Up is designed to enhance the color and health of koi scales because it include high quality spirulina. Spirulina will also improve the immune system and flesh quality of your koi. Our Color Up Kodama Koi Food is a genuine, high quality product formulated in Japan. We pride ourselves on selecting only authentic Japanese breed koi and we treat our food with the same respect.
Manda Fu “Koi Treats”Exclusively Sold At Kodama Koi Supply: Manda Fu Koi Food (some call it koi crack) is very digestible and is designed for low water temperatures or when a koi’s system does not have to work as hard. Buy these treats to feed koi right out of your hand! We add a popular Japanese health supplement, Manda Nishiki, to improve health and the lustrous color of your koi all while feeding them from the palm of your hand. If you enjoy the time spent feeding and petting your koi, you will want to have Manda Fu on hand year round. With the best digestion rate of 98.2%, Manda Fu is the most suitable koi food for autumn, winter and spring. You can feed your koi Manda Fu even when the water temperature drops as low as 45F to 50F degrees. Manda Fu Is Now Back In Stock and Shipping! Contact us for wholesale purchases.$39.00$64.00
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