Nishikigoi Manual

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Produced by the All-Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association in partnership with Kinsai Shuppan.

The Nishikigoi Manual is a comprehensive guide to the varieties of Nishikigoi and the diseases that affect them.

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This book contains a brief history of koi with beautiful quality photographs.

Concise information in both Japanese and English.

This most recent publication from the AJNPA makes a useful addition to the reference library for the serious koi hobbyist.

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  1. Dave Broscombe

    I have been using the Nishikigoi manual for fish health issues for a goodly number of years now its written I both Japanese and English there is information inside that the author uses that isnt that well know about in the west, its one of my go to books if I need it
    I personally recommend you buy and put this book in your own library it will come in very useful indeed

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