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Mineral Plus is our new product, developed on our Shinsuke koi product concept, “Making koi more beautiful with the ideal surrounding.”

Koi in a Japanese mud pond get a lot of natural minerals, which very often are missing in a concrete pond. These minerals provide better growth, good structure and a healthy immune system . Shinsuke Mineral Plus also ensures the colors of the Koi come up well. Shinsuke Mineral Plus is a mixture of natural minerals and trace elements, but it’s most unique by the extra micro minerals.

Add minerals to make pond water the same quality as mud pond water.

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Koi are moved from house ponds into mud ponds from the beginning of May each year. Why are they moved?

1. To promote koi growth in such a vast surrounding.

2. Avoiding heating too much during summer.

3. Keeping the koi in water that includes many minerals so that the koi skin will be bright.

There are other reasons but we aimed at those above and started to develop new products based on them. We believe that koi feed on zooplankton and phytoplankton, and that plankton naturally contains minerals. One of the strong points of keeping koi in mud ponds is that mud pond water includes plankton, which has plenty of minerals, making it the best environment for koi. What’s more, the minerals from the mud itself, are also very important for koi. On the basis of the above, we aimed to add minerals into pond water, to make pond water the same quality as mud pond water.

We experimented with our Mineral plus at five koi farms and results were excellent. After four to six weeks the SUMI on both Showa and Shiro varieties improved. This was even though we developed Mineral plus not for SUMI, but for it to produce the best environment by improving water quality. In fact, the skin of many of the koi turned out to be brighter and polished once the koi breeder added Mineral Plus into their ponds. We would love for you to use our Mineral plus for making your koi more beautiful.


  • Improves the health of your pond
  • Improves the immune strength of your koi
  • Gives your pond “Japanese mud pond water” qualities
  • Helps in “polishing”  your koi and bring out the potential of their color

How to use:

  • Dissolve 5-10g of Mineral Plus/265 gallons of water in a bucket and add the solution to a pond two to three times a week.
  • It may cloud your water a little. If you do not like it, add a little water and make a ball with the Mineral Plus. Put the ball into the final chamber of the filter system.

Note: Water quality is different in each area so please adjust the quantities as needed.

Net 400 g  – Treats 10,600  to 21,200 gallons

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