Magnetic Bio Balls (10 / 50 / 100 pcs)


– Change water quality by magnet power –

Adding Magnet Bio Balls to your filter system increases oxygen, encourages good bacteria activity, and lowers the nitrite concentration. The Bio Ball diameter is 35mm and has 16 “wings” on its surface area, with a center hole.


MAGNETIC BIO BALL (MBB) is not a common bio ball. With patented technology, a magnet powder is blended with the plastic to make MBB a unique Bio Ball. 


MBB magnetizes water and breaks down water clusters. 

  • It releases toxic substances such as ammonia. 
  • It eliminates bad odors of water. 
  • It increases dissolved oxygen level. 
  • It energizes beneficial bacteria and lower Nitrite
  • It purifies your water. 
  • In result, your Koi eat more and become healthier


  • Place MBBs in one place to maximize the magnetic field. Scattering them is not recommended.
  • Place them where water is moving between the pump and the pond. 
  • MBB is made of a special plastic, therefore it will not get rusty nor lose magnet power. 
  • To clean it, you may simply rinse them with pond water.


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