Bio Factor VL

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Bio Factor VL provides nourishment and promotes good body conformation for your Koi.

The growth potential of Koi greatly depends on these building blocks.

Bio Factor VL draws the microbes out of activated sludge, creating an environment for the Koi to respond to the nutrients and stimulate the growth of quality cells.

It helps to strengthen their systems against sickness.





Bio Factor VL is an excellent growth accelerator 

Essential minerals and growth factors are consumed in our Koi ponds over many years. The lack of the minerals and nutrients prevents growth of Koi. It weakens the structure of bones, scales, and fins and is likely to cause inflammation.

To build healthy scales and bones, Koi must be provided with certain nutrients from things like ash, calcium, and phosphorus. These nutrients come from diet and also the dissolved minerals found in a mud pond. The growth factor that stimulates and promotes the healthy building of the cells is usually found in accumulated mud or carried by microbes that live there.

However, we keep Koi in artificial environments such as concrete or liner ponds. We always remove activated sludge from the pond by washing filters.

Bio Factor VL shows significant effects in the building of strong bone structures in baby Koi as well as activating the growth of adult Koi, strengthening the body and growing healthy scales.

How to use:

To promote growth,

  • 50 gram (1.7 oz)  / 2500 gallons once a day
  • 5 gram (1 teaspoon) (0.17 oz)  / 250 gallons once a day

To treat skin inflammation,

  • 100-120 gram (3.5-4.2oz) / 2500 gallons  twice a day
  • 10-12 gram (2 teaspoon) (0.35-0.42oz) / 250 gallons twice a day

To improve overall health condition,

  • 100-120g (3.5-4.2 oz) /2500 gallons 1-3 times a day
  • 10-12g (2 teaspoon)  (0.35-0.42 oz) /250 gallons 1-3 times a day

Additional information

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1.5kg (3.3 lb), 1.5kg (3.3lb) x 6

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  1. Hardy Cook (verified owner)

    After receiving 1.5 kg bag and using it for a week, I ordered 9kg box. Bio Factor VL clouds water but clear amazingly quickly and quickly reduces Ammonia and Nitrites. I’ve used other pond clay products including Koinendo (Refresh) and this is the best.

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