We're excited to highlight the latest book Kokugyo 3 from author and koi expert—Mamoru Kodama. With 40+ years of experience in the koi industry, he'll walk you though beautiful examples of high-quality koi, in depth comparisons, and show you what how he thinks as a koi judge.

Learn the finer points of evaluating koi when buying for yourself, selling to your customers, or judging a competition. This is a big book (over 350 pages) chock-full of gorgeous koi images and info. It's sure to be a mainstay in your koi library.

See koi like a koi judge

Have you ever:

  • entered your best koi in a koi show competition, but didn't leave with an award and wondered why?
  • pulled your hair out trying to decide which koi to buy because you're not sure which one's the best?
  • or perhaps you're starting a koi business and want to avoid blundering and be able to confidently pick and showcase high-quality koi for your customers.

If that's you, Kokugyo 3 is a must-read because it's like a textbook for koi evaluation. You get to take a peek into Mr. Kodama's mind as a koi judge to see what he looks for when comparing koi.

You'll also find it easy to reference because each chapter is dedicated to a specific koi variety with beautiful photos. On top of that, each page spread is split into 2 parts with the:

  • left pages featuring 155 world-class koi examples with short summaries of their outstanding qualities. These will sharpen your eye for top-tier koi.
  • right pages challenging you to compare 2 koi to determine which one is best. These are like case studies to pinpoint what qualities to look for and weigh each koi's traits like a koi judge

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Take the guess work out of evaluating koi for yourself or your business.