Pond Net (24+” diameter, 9′ pole)


When raising authentic Japanese koi, they need to feel like they are at home. Our Kodama Koi Pond Nets are the same nets used in the Niigata regions of Japan by all Koi breeders.

Koi Pond Nets are over-sized and not eligible for free shipping. Please see the shipping info below. 

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Koi are living beauties and should receive the best care possible.

Including the nets we use to care for them.

You’ll find no other Koi Pond Net like ours on the market.

Make your Koi feel at home and handle them with the same net support they were raised on in Niigata, Japan.


Please note that the Pond Net is NOT included in any “free shipping” promotion, and orders will be charged separately for a shipping fee of $300.

If ordering more than 1 Pond Net, you can save on shipping by bundling up to 8 of them to ship together; and the shipping fee will change to $750/bundle.

For any Pond Net orders, please contact Customer Service below to pay for shipping.

Phone: +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683)
Email: info@kodamakoifarm.com

Additional information

Weight 9.07 kg

Pond Net 24-4 (P:9' Dia:28-3/8" M:1/4" Dep:13-3/8"), Pond Net 27-3 (P:9' Dia:31-1/2" M:1/8" Dep:14-3/16"), Pond Net 27-4 (P:9' Dia:31-1/2" M:1/4" Dep:15"), Pond Net 30-3 (P:9' Dia:35-1/2" M:1/8" Dep:16-1/2"), Pond Net 30-4 (P:9' Dia:35-1/2" M:1/4" Dep:16-1/2"), Pond Net 33-3 (P:9' Dia:39-3/8" M:1/8" Dep:16-1/2"), Pond Net 33-4 (P:9' Dia:39-3/8" M:1/4" Dep:16-1/2")


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