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  • koi1.jpgUse Pure Prazi to treat flukes and other internal parasites or worms.
  • For bacterial and fungal problems, feed your koi Medi-Koi Medicated Food.
  • Debride Medicated Ointment promotes prompt and complete healing of ulcers, mouth rot, fin rot, and tail rot, all symptoms of Aeromonas and Pseudomonas.
  • Debride RX Medicated Koi Food has a triple-antibiotic formula to treat koi with ulcer problems.
  • KoiZyme will reduce the bacterial count of Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and other pathnogenetic bacteria to such low levels that they will not be a threat to the health of your fish.
  • Hikui disease (dermatitis cutitis) which nests and spoils Hi-plate is a very troublesome disease. Billion Liquid is developed for the purpose of curing this Hikui disease.
  • Use Neomycin Sulfate Powder to treat Gram-negative bacteria (Pseudomonas) and tuberculosis.
  • Use Oxolinic Acid powder to treat Aeromonas (hote in the side). 
  • Melafix is an antibacterial remedy for the treatment of koi diseases including eye cloud, mouth fungus and fin & tail rot. All-natural antibacterial remedy rapidly repairs damaged fins, ulcers and open wounds.
  • Pimafix has been formulated to work in combination with Melafix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases. Treats internal and external bacterial infections.