Koi Nets and Bowls

Nets and Bowls May Be The Best Tools To Buy For Your Koi Pond

We have the best koi bowl for the koi hobbyist, and heavy-duty for the commercial farmer. Perfect for viewing, quarantining , or when breeding your champion koi. Order our heavy duty koi bowls that are guaranteed to last a long time. These pond nets for collecting koi are rare and hard to find!

Use the same Koi Nets that are trusted by farmers in Niigata! When raising authentic Japanese koi, they need to feel like they are at home. Our Kodama Koi Pond Nets are the same nets used in the Niigata regions of Japan by all Koi breeders. Pond net covers for Koi will help keep stressed koi from jumping out and accidentally injuring themselves. A Koi pond net cover may also help keep predators out and ultimately protect your koi.

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What is best way to view my koi?

Take professional quality pictures of your champions or get a closer look to admire them yourself.

Koi Viewing Bowls get the best Koi viewing for taking pictures or showing off your Champion Koi. Koi pond bowls will help you get a closer look at your champions size and quality or even help you examine your sick koi more closely.

What types and sizes of bowls and koi pond nets should I order?

Type and sizes of koi bowl for whatever the purpose, we will have the right one for you, let us know what’s the reason and for how many gallons and we will give you a wide variety to choose from. Contact our staff for support on ordering pond nets and bowls to help select your order. These bowls are what we use at the farm and are the style you most often see in koi videos since they are used at koi shows. Great for medication koi and observing during a quarantine.

Koi Viewing Bowl


Get great photos of your koi with Matala Koi Viewing Bowls.

These blue viewing bowls are also ideal for use when observing and medicating koi.

To order a Koi Viewing Bowl with a 42.5″ Diameter please call a customer service representative at (833) 564-5683. We would be happy to assist you in your purchase. Thank you 

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