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Automatic Koi Feeder


Product Description

Every breeder in Niigata uses this auto feeder. This product is highly demanded all over the world. In addition to the high demand, because it is "build-to-order," please understand it takes a few months to deliver.
This is perfect for use with Kodama koi food to keep your koi healthy and beautiful. 

PFX-17 Series Powered Automatic Feeders (Solar and AC powered types)

The definitive compact feeder series

  • Equipped with easy to read, easy to use digital touch panel
  • 6 levels of feed dispersal distance
  • Timer configurable up to 12 feedings in 1 day
  • No batteries required for timer
  • Battery reverse connection protection circuit
  • Solar powered (DV 12 V battery) and AC powered (100 V) types available


Model: PFX-17L-S or PFX-17L-A
Usable feed: Dry pellets
L × W × H (mm): 350×350×450
Tank capacity (kg): 17
Feeding method: Dispersal
Power source: DV 12 V (battery)
Maximum feed output volume (kg/h): 180 – 340
Useable feed diameter (mm): 2 – 12
Timer: Microcomputer controlled 24 hour timer
Body material: Plastic (ASA, ABS)

Manual available to download: Automatic Koi Feeder manual 

Product Videos

Japanese Automatic Koi Feeder 01:03

An introduction to the automatic koi feeder, great for feeding your koi efficiently and at a set time. View Koi Feeder - I would now like to explain the auto feeder. This model can hold 17 liters of koi food, and it has two types: one type is powered by an AC, and the other type is solar powered. If you open it, you will find a control panel here, and you can adjust the time here to when you want to feed your koi. There is a spring down here that sends out the food, making it fly it out from this disk in the back. By using this machine, you can feed your koi everyday at a set time, and you can grow your koi efficiently without forgetting to feed them. Thank you very much. ---------- View our Farm - Bid in Koi Auction - See All Our Koi - Recommended Koi Pond Supplies & Memorabilia - Visit our Koi Stores in NJ, NY, FL - ---------- Let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Japanese Autom...
    An introduction to the automatic koi feeder, great for feeding...

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