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Premium Pond Cover Net


Product Description

This premium pond net cover: 

  • keeps debris out like dead leaves, tree branches, and wind-blown trash
  • keeps your koi safely inside the pond if they are jumpy or not acclimated to your pond yet
  • protects your koi from predators like herons, raccoons, stray cats, etc

For custom-sized premium pond net covers, please call Customer Service at 808-354-7031 to get a quote. Cost is $8.90 for each 10' x 1' section. For example, a 10' x 12' pond net cover will cost $106.80 (not including shipping fee).

Product details:

  • Mesh opening size: 3/8". Keeps even small debris out
  • Color: Perma black
  • Made from Hi-Tenacity braided polyester
  • Long-lasting with maximum resistance against UV rays and abrasion
  • Used on Kodama Koi Farm's ponds

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