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Medo Air Pump LA-80B


Product Description

LA-80 for 1000 ~ 10,000 gallons

We recommend Medo Air Pump

Reason 1: They run quieter
Reason 2: They last longer
Reason 3: They consume less energy

Medo’s unique and patent-awarded linear-motor driven
free piston system is the key feature of this pump. As
the piston is the only moving part, they run quieter,
eliminates the wear components (which means “last
longer”) and consumes only 50-60% of the typical
diaphragm air pumps.


Look closely at the LA-80BN and you'll see a sleek, die-cast aluminum housing. Within you'll find a pair of specially treated Teflon® treated pistons with extruded, hardened, and honed cylinders driven by highly efficient coils. The Medo unified, heat sinking aluminum construction enables a greater, quieter operating aerator life, year after year after year. And the LA-80BN's new hose barb allows the pump to be quickly and easily connected to a control box/control panel- saving time and effort when installing the pump on an onsite wastewater treatment system.

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Model: LA-80BN
Power Supply: AC 120V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Operating Pressure Range: 1.42 - 2.84 psig
Rated Pressure: 0.15 bar(2.13 psig)
Rated Airflow*: 80 LPM (2.83 cfm) or over
Power Consumption: 86 W @ 60 Hz
Running Current: 1.2 - 1.4 amps
Operating Noise: 45 dB Max
Weight: 5.3 (11.7)kg

*When operatted at the rated pressure noted above



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