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Manda Fu and Sweet Potato

We're in the fall season; and if you live in a temperate region, that means brisk weather and prepping your koi for the winter.

Koi need a lot of nutritious food to survive the cold winter months. To help you do that, we'd like to recommend 2 yummy koi foods that are great for cooler weather: Manda Fu and Hi Silk Sweet Potato.

Mr. Jose from New Jersey says,
"I have been using Manda Fu for approximately three years and my Koi love it.

One Koi named Pinot especially loves Manda Fu. She is very spoiled and expects Manda Fu every day. She is unhappy with me if I do not feed her this special treat."

Hi Silk Sweet Potato is a great food all-year around even in water temperatures above 50 °F and is full of nutrients and vitamins. Koi love the flavor of Japanese sweet potato and benefit from its healthy vitamins.

Manda Fu has a 98.2% digestive rate, and koi easily digest it even in 45 °F temperatures. It's a treat year-around, but is also well-suited for feeding during the fall and winter. On top of that, many customers say that their koi go crazy for it.

Both of these products are made from high-quality ingredients and this means your koi will digest them easily, be more healthy, and pass less waste—which means less clean up for you and a more pristine pond.

Give 'em a try today!