Shinsuke Products Koi Cash Promotion

LIMITED TIME OFFER – Receive $100 in KOI CASH for Auction Koi Fish!

We recommend you order this proven water treatment to improve your pond water quality and the overall health of your koi fish. It is now sold at a great value, since you also receive $100 to spend at Kodama Koi Auction, when you buy over $200 in Shinsuke products.

The Shinsuke method is based on aquarium fish theory to create beneficial bacteria naturally. Many famous koi farms such as Sakai Fish Farm, Dainichi Koi Farm, Isa Koi Farm and more have recognized the effectiveness of Shinsuke Koi products. These products come highly recommended.


Shinsuke was established to develop products that improve the environment where our Japanese Nishikigoi can be preserved.

The quality of the koi may be affected by the environment of poor pond water. That is why we have looked at the nature and pristine beauty of koi and we agree with the vision to create a “natural environment”.

  • Purchase 4 Bacto Power
  • Purchase 2 Bacto Power, 1 Bio Sponge, and 1 Mineral Plus 400g
  • Purchase 1 Bacto Power, 2 Bio Sponge, and 1 Mineral Plus 1000g
  • Cannot be used for special events or clearance Koi (e.g., KAICHO BDAY SALE).
  • This offer is only available June 8th until June 30th, so do not wait and purchase your Shinsuke koi products today.
  • Koi cash expires on 10/1/24. Contact Kodama customer service at to redeem your koi cash after Shinsuke purchase.

Learn More About Shinsuke Koi Products and How They Benefit Your Pond!


The most important factor for breeding high quality koi is water quality, and the best combination to control water quality is Bio Sponge and Bacto Power.


With Shinsuke Mineral plus you ‘ll get the water quality of a real mud pond.


The material of Shinsuke Bio Sponge is a particular sponge-like material, specifically invented and designed for forming BIO FILM.