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  • The net with honeycomb pattern is easier to maneuver through the water compared to the square pattern.

Culling Net


Product Description

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If you are breeding your own koi, it can be a time-consuming task to sort through hundreds or thousands of tiny koi fry. That's where a culling net comes in. It speeds up examining and sorting fry by making it easier to:

  • isolate and examine fry without the mesh netting blocking your view
  • maneuver fry into appropriate buckets without them getting stuck in the mesh netting

These authentic Japanese culling nets from Matsuda are:

  • made with quality with a stainless steel net frame
  • lightweight which means less tiring to use
  • are gentle on fry

Note: Some of the net variations have a honeycomb (hexagon) net pattern which makes it even easier to flick through the water.

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