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BioClean Pond Filter


Product Description

Lead time is 4-6 weeks

Not included in any "FREE SHIPPING" promotion

The concept of this filter is used by all professional breeders and dealers in Japan so that the health and beauty of koi will blossom to the highest level. Over 35+ years, the Kodama family has researched and developed a filter system that will suit the average koi pond to consistently maintain the best water quality.

"The key to raising healthy and beautiful koi is healthy water." Mamoru Kodama

Similar to what is used in larger ponds, this simple biological filtration process uses a gravity flow design that eliminates all moving parts from the filter and therefore removes common points of failure. There is less regular maintenance or cleaning required since the aerobic bacteria eats the waste and cleanses the water through a natural biological filter. Instead of throwing away nutrients for bacteria, invest in a Bio Clean filter to promote the highly efficient growth of beneficial bacteria for healthy water and happy fish.

Bio Clean is not included in any "FREE SHIPPING" promotion.

  • Shipping is $450 (shipping insurance included) for Bio Clean Ordered Online

Please call us with any questions or to learn more about Bio Clean - +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683) 

A Proven Filter in Japan

The idea behind Bio Clean can be seen at any koi pond or koi farm in Japan. This simple biological filtration concept has proven to make healthy water for our koi.

Simple Design

BioClean returns koi pond filtration to the basics. Its simple gravity-flow design eliminates all moving parts from the filter, eliminating all common points of failure, such as those found in pressurized filters. This means that the filter will last for the lifetime of your pond. Easy maintenance and peace of mind will allow you to simply enjoy your koi.

99% Clog Free

Clogging causes uneven flow patterns inside the filter, leading to unhealthy anaerobic bacterial growth. The specially designed EvenFlow Bio-Mat used in BioClean prevents over-collection of waste in any particular area. Water flow is rarely obstructed. It depends on each pond so please check the filter and flush out the wastes. It will help the mat stay clog free. 

Low Maintenance

BioClean eliminates the need for periodic cleaning such as backwashing for bead filters. Weekly backwashing removes useful waste, which is useful for beneficial bacteria. The specially designed EvenFlow Bio-Mat and fully engineered structure collects and evenly distributes waste inside teh chambers. This allows beneficial bacteria colonies to grow more efficiently. Excess waste and debris are collected at the bottom and can easily be flushed out via two conveniently located waste valves.

BioClean allows easy visual inspection, so the waste level and condition of the filter can be easily assessed. No more blindly backwashing your filter every week.

Learn More By Downloading Our - BioClean Brochure (PDF)

BioClean Specifications  
Capacity  Up to 5000 gallons
Size (with Lid) 51.5"(L) x 29"(W) x 31.5" (H)
Size (without Lid) 51.5"(L) x 29"(W) x 36.7" (H)
UV Light UV Light: 15W, 25W, or 57W (Optional)
Magnetic Bio-Ball Included

Complimentary Products

EvenFlow Bio-Mat

The new EvenFlow Bio-Mat is designed and made in Japan. The unique design allows water to flow more evenly throughout the media, which allows greater penetration of ammonia to nitrifying bacterial colonies and removes toxic substances from the pond water.

Magnetic Bio-Ball

Adding Magnet Bio Balls to your filter system increases oxygen, encourages good bacteria activity, and lowers the nitrite concentration. 

  • Increases the oxygenation rate in your pond water
  • encourages good bacterial activity
  • lowers nitrite concentrations


Please note that the shipping cost for the Bio Clean pond filter will be $450 (shipping insurance included) and charged to you separately. Bio Clean is not included in any "FREE SHIPPING" promotion.

Phone: +1 (833) Koi Love (1-833-564-5683) 

Product Videos

BioClean overview with Taro Kodama 05:11

Biologically filters water for your koi. Easy cleaning and maintenance for you. Learn more about the BioClean filter system here:

  • BioClean overv...
    Biologically filters water for your koi. Easy cleaning and mai...

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