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Hi Silk Sweet Potato Highlight

Yummy food for your koi—Sweet Potato!

Japanese Sweet Potato
Japanese koi owners long ago found that their koi like the delicious taste of satsuma imo (Japanese sweet potato). You can use similar koi food, too, with Hi Silk 21 Sweet Potato.

Back in the day, Mamoru Kodama (founder of Kodama Koi Farm) used sweet potato as a yummy main ingredient of a new koi food recipe; and in 2001, his Hi-Silk 21–Sweet Potato koi food was released.

It includes Japanese sweet potato rich with thermostable vitamins and extra vitamins. Normally when other koi food is made into pellets, they are heated sometimes up to 266°F and lose some of their vitamins as a result. But with sweet potato, its vitamins are heat-resistant; and they survive the heating process.

This unique koi food is made in Japan from high-quality raw ingredients that are easy for your koi to digest. This means they will pass less waste—which means less cleanup for you and your pond's filter. High nutrition, less waste, all delicious.

Try what Japanese koi owners used before and watch your koi gobble it up. Get it exclusively at KodamaKoiSupply.com.